This Week at Persuasion

We need your help to launch a new advice column!

How Big a Problem Are Monopolies?

Zephyr Teachout and Martin Sandbu joined Persuasion for a live-discussion on “How Big a Problem Are Monopolies?”. Watch the Youtube broadcast here, or catch up below.

Book Clubs

  • Coleman Hughes led a discussion on two essays by Bayard Rustin - "From Protest to Politics" and "The Failure of Black Separatism." 

  • Leigh Stein joined us to present her newest novel Self-Care.

Launch of Our New Advice Column!

Have you noticed that a lot of the most popular advice columns give… questionable advice these days? Well, we decided it was worth experimenting with a Persuasion advice column that bucks the trend. Whether you face a dilemma in your personal life or the workplace, a wonderful writer will give you advice that actually helps you—and the world.

Before our agony aunt can help you, we need you to help us by sending your moral dilemmas, big and small, our way! So please email Your anonymity is, of course, guaranteed.

Once again, Persuasion hosted its weekly social hour. Attend our future Persuasion happy hours by subscribing and join us via Zoom to meet more of our growing community!

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