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In 1988 Jerry Harvey wrote a short article, the Abilene Paradox, describing how bureaucracies, each member deferring to someone else, are susceptible to a sort of consensus pathology. And this pathology can lead a group of kind people to make terrible decisions that nobody actually wanted, eg. a long sweaty trip to Abilene Texas for inedible roast beef, or allowing Challenger to take off, or even allowing a war with China to begin, it seems. But the Abilene paradox only works if there is an underlying morality of consensus rooted in fear, shame and the inflexible enforcement of this pathological moral code of get-along-ism. No one wants to be the one to embarrass the boss or, these days, accidentally incite the wrath of the Diversity, Equity an Inclusion Director. What I find worse is this sort of bureaucratic pathology, can be passed on from one bureaucracy to another like a sort of virus. And these "bureaucracy viruses" can also be intentionally weaponized. I believe that Critical Theory, and its spawn, have recently been weaponized by Russia and China via social media. Now, as a student of the History of Western Philosophy, I studied Existentialism, Critical Theory and Deconstruction for years and found them very interesting academic subjects. So, I have no qualm with the serious study of the philosophy of Critical Theory. Critical theory is not evil, in fact it provides a fascinating way to analyse our culture. I think it is wrong ultimately, but the subject is interesting. The problem is that we have come to a point where Critical Theory has been weaponized against Enlightenment Liberalism, which is based on Reason and Testable Science. Enlightenment Liberalism created the vaccines that are bringing a close to COVID 19 epidemic. Marxist Critical Theory did not. Weaponized Critical Theory has, however, been used de-platform Enlightenment scientists and Enlightenment sciences in many universities, and that means rather than spending our educational resources teaching the advanced math and computer science that will be necessary to protect us from the cyber attacks coming our way from China and Russia, American Schools and Universities are wasting vast resources not expanding STEM education to all students like they should, but instead struggling not to upset our new woke bureaucracies. Let's not really require competency in STEM it is just too upsetting. Logic, is the Patriarchy after all. Cancel it!

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