The "Under Secretary of Defense for Policy in the George W. Bush administration" is lecturing about a sane Republican Party? And Monk finds no irony in this? This guy was a pusher of both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I hope the Republican Party drops Trump as a leader, but I don't have any wish for Edelman or his ilk to emerge as leaders; that would be worse. The policy during George W Bush was worse than the policy during Trump.

Edelman is just bitter that his own faction within the Republican Party has been weakened, and has no problem using the Democratic Party narrative about Trump as a weapon to fight faction a that is stronger. We live in a "two party system" because political charlatans like Edelman dont promote democratic reforms that would break up that system, such as ranked-choice voting. And because of the poltiical factionalism that plaugues American politics we have an eggplant as president that pulled out of the the foolish war in Afghanistan that Edelman supported without first securing the safe escape of Americans and allies. What we need is for Americans to abandon their trust and loyalty to either party. They are both corrupt, and they both resist efforts at reforms that would reduce that corruption.

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