I wonder if the USA will do anything to allow Hong Kong residents to migrate here. I hope so. They obviously love freedom - we could use more people like that.

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Dear Archie,

Thanks for a dispiriting but valuable article. A couple of questions: Is there any movement toward a boycott of any kind that might influence Chinese government behavior? Second, in retrospect, was this bound to end this badly or would the Chinese government at an earlier point been amenable to some sort of limited compromise. Put another way, is this the outcome the Chinese government wanted all along?

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I'm wondering whether the Uighur, Tibetan and Hong Kong diasporas are coming together and are fighting for a common cause?

And what about Macau?

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So sad. Some of the friends I grew up with were immigrants from Hong Kong; they were so proud of their city, in no small part due to its freedom and vibrancy.

The speed at which this happened is astonishing, due to the sweeping generality of the new security law. Makes me appreciate the democracy that we have, although that seems getting more fragile these days.

I did wish that the 2019 protests were more peaceful and did not involve property destruction. But even then, while it might have generated more worldwide sympathy, it would have at best only delayed the inevitable.

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