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There is a trend of "Balkanization of Internet" where Internet is becoming less global and more "national" as in cases of Russia and China but also ideas at the European level.

One solution for the future is a more decentralized Internet in combination with liquid and global democracy where humans can meet digitally and co-create solutions

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It is somewhat disappointing for Persuasion to publish an article which blandly concludes: "But if the European regulatory race to the bottom continues unabated in the decades to come, the essential difference may end up as a matter of degree rather than of kind."

Mchangama was the chief legal counsel for the strongly Libertarian think tank CEPOS which is described in a wiki article as:

"Centre for Political Studies, also known as CEPOS, is an independent association which works as a classical liberal/free-market conservative think-tank in Denmark. It is a strongly right-leaning and highly political association."

Conclusion: Macangama adds nothing to the very complicated and world-wide internet free speech debate

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