Like many extremists, the far left is wrapped up in a vortex of self-reinforcement where everyone they know shares the same utterly bizarre beliefs and all seen through a lens of "Racism" which permeates every aspect of their thoughts. Any disagreement is met with a charge of Racism and disbelief. It is astonishingly unattractive to the vast vast majority of people. Failure to achieve office will not dampen the passion though; they just see it as confirming how racist everyone else is...look for them to double down.

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"It should also be noted that the left has become increasingly callous towards people who don’t share its cultural mores."

Yeah, we kinda noticed that.

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Seems like we're due for a fiscally liberal center right party. They are not uncommon in Europe.

A center right party that supported even broader middle/working class entitlements but was opposed the Left on immigration, school choice, policing, toxic identity politics, etc. could absolutely cannibalize their base.

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Not sure how to frame this as I feel that I am a progressive - or at least up until recently. It feels like progressivism is slipping away and being given a bad name. My main concerns are universal health care and extreme measures to put a stop to the upcoming global climate disaster. I think aboloshing the police would be a huge mistake and our immigration policy is a euphamism for slave labor.

Climate change and universal health care ARE issues a majority of voters - republican and democrat - can get behind but it is being clouded by these other extremist issues that only a tiny minority of people support.

A good candidate would support these issues that a majority believe in. I don't think they would be considered center-right though.

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That's my DREAM, but who knows? TYTY.

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"One thing the U.S. left could do is learn from the left abroad [like Jeremy Corbyn]."

Why should we want narrow-minded, authoritarian lefties to learn tricks to get them elected? Better, I think, if they don't learn tricks and fail miserably. All they have "going for them" is their utopian views and those are not a qualification for leadership.

The real problem in the Democratic Party is that we get sucked in by idealism, and always try to help out or protect the far left -- like suggesting how they could "learn from the left abroad."

They just keep setting us back.

In 1886 they destroyed the first powerful labor union. 1906 they destroyed the Progressive Muckraking movement. 1934 -- 1950 they infiltrated the most progressive parts of FDRs government and provided the excuse for McCarthyism. 1966 Stokely Carmichael derailed MLK's movement by calling it white supremacist and launching Black Power. This and the far-left part of the anti-war movement brought us the Nixon-Reagan-Bushes era. Now they are helping to fuel Trump's base.

It's time we saw them for what they are -- counter-productive idealists.

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