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Good article. Generally, I'm delighted that Trump is no longer POTUS. In the event of a major crisis, the world is now much safer; this is invaluable. But I worry about the left's influence on Biden. In recent years, the left has embraced a series of dangerously radical positions such as defunding the police, decolonizing institutions and gender self-identification. And increasingly, such ideas are gaining popularity among ‘moderates’. Young moderates seem to mix historically moderate economic and foreign policy positions with radical ideas such as defunding the police. Older moderates may oppose these ideas, yet are reluctant to speak out. Biden is an example of such an older moderate and I worry about radical influences on policy.

If anyone is interested, I wrote about the left’s dangerous turn here: https://thomasprosser.substack.com/p/how-bad-has-the-left-got

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