"Zero-COVID’s economic toll was staggering. To pluck just a single example ...This cost them $1 billion."

This is standard journalistic nonsense and should not be allowed.

If Sarin wants to say this fine, but he should be required to say it in a non-deceptive way. He claiming that $1 billion is a lot and most people will believe him. But China's economy produces $17,000 billion a year so this is less than 1/100 of 1%. That is ridiculously tiny when talking about an economy having problems. I see this sort of thing often. No-one understands big numbers, so express them relative to something meaningful.

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Economy built on a house of card that had been invented in and originally produced in the USA.

China bit off WAY more than it could chew while also attempting to thwart the economic laws of nature which more closely resemble the American system and run anathema to those of communism.

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