File this with the other 50M examples of begging the question that we see out of conventional institutional thought these days.

The Trump surge was not because he is viewed as a bad boy criminal, but because he is viewed as a victim of a corrupt system. I have been a long time and consistent critic of Trump's Joan of Arc shtick and his various leadership failings. Those shortcomings make for a long list, though ironically the one thing it doesn't include is corruption and criminal activity.

No fair, honest and informed person believes for a moment that the barrage of legal activity against Trump is anything other than raw partisan politics and lawfare. It is sad to see the American legal system abused in this manner, but it is not unexpected if you follow the general decline in standards from an American academia now beholden to federal largesse and it's inevitable politicization.

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A well written piece. Thank you. Scary, I was hoping that moderate independents and moderate Republicans were going to save us, in the general election, but it appears that it is not going to be that easy.

The guy is a traitor, falsely calling into question the voting mechanism of the United States. He threatens our democracy. He should be hung

A moderate independent

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When people are self destructive, they know what they are doing is self destructive. I never met an alcoholic or addict who thought cheap vodka or crack was good for them. I never met a child who cuts herself secretly who thought it was a good idea. The cause is pain. The pain of the self destructive harm mollifies the more serious pain of reality. Many many American hate the self-righteous liberal elite. It causes them visceral pain. They detest the wave of progressive Millennial Inquisitors. Trump is a monster but he is our monster. He may be a dangerous drug, but many choose this drug. He can stand up to the liberal elite North of Richmond and blacken their eyes.

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