Basically, you describe Israel in the same terms that the most obsessed Democrats and Republicans describe the opposing party. "They're going to subjugate women!" "They're going to destroy the family!" "They're going to terrorize minorities!" "They're going to send you to a reeducation camp!"

For all I know, you yourself believe the Democratic nightmare scenarios.

Well, there's no more reason to expect them in Israel than there is in the US. That's not to be Pollyannaish -- there are real problems and real disputes, there's just no reason to believe any of the futures that you've portrayed here (there's good reason to doubt the present you've portrayed as well, but we'll leave that for the moment).

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"It should represent the self-determination of the Jewish people in the same way that, for example, Norway represents the self-determination of the Norwegian people."

I'll bet that Norway would have no problem defining itself as a state of all its citizens. I'll bet that if some Norwegians were to say that accepting Norwegian citizens of non-Norwegian ethnicity as as Norwegian as anyone else would destroy Norway, most believers in liberal democracy wouldn't hesitate to call them racists. That's the difference.

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Israel was founded as an ethnonationalist state at a time when everyone conceded such a thing is perfectly normal.

"Norway, for example, represents the self-determination of the Norwegian people"

Well, the idea that Norway is the ethno-national state of the Norwegian people is considered in disrepute by globalists--racist, even. That is why left-wing Jews are so hopelessly conflicted about defending the proposition in Israel.

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