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Fascinating interview. Thank you.

I had a couple of thoughts. One, how long in our current "liberal" "progress" trajectory before the government would prevent an article like this being published?


"All we know about ourselves are the things we know all human beings have in common, what Rawls calls the “primary goods”—the things that everyone wants, no matter what else they want: self respect, more opportunity rather than less, more wealth rather than less and so forth."

"because what's at the center of our debates today is much more a question of how you deal with the fact of a diverse society, where people have very different religious and political beliefs, and they somehow have to sustain the common scheme of what you would call “social cooperation.”

I think this is more part of a key and simplified consideration. It is the second part of the secret American sauce that confounded and amazed Tocqueville. He asked how was this young nation of massive diversity working so well? It did not make any sense. He attempted to make sense out of it.

The first part of the sauce was our system of representative democracy based on classic liberal principles backed by a cover of Judea-Christian morality.

The second part - the part that we are losing - is the reason that the first part is being attacked. The second part is abundant economic opportunity for the everyman.

I think it is that simple. We have allowed too much export of working class economic opportunity to other countries while we have imported too much of other country's lower-skilled workers and poverty. Now instead of a shared market economy culture that bound all the other races, ethnicities and cultures... we are at each other's throats. And the collectivists that are always there are giddy with the nihilistic opportunity to reset the country to their ideological perfectionism.

Bring back that working-class and small business economic opportunity and the collectivists will crawl back under their rocks.


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