I’m frankly more concerned about spin journalists than spin dictators. Can spin dictators ever succeed without their faithful legion of spin propagandists? Can “populists” ever succeed without the spinners?

Seriously, could “you ain’t black” Biden have won without the Washington Post, the New York Times, MSNBC, and all the other spin masters proposing that Biden was the hero against the evil elite hegemonic forces of “White Supremacy” and the “Patriarchy.”?

In these times we don’t even need a charismatic dictator to demagogue their way to power. We can have an eggplant that gets demagogued to power by the most powerful media organizations and universities. The future is one of eggplant emperors. Sock puppets of power.

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This is an excellent summary (after a helpful discussion of Putin and sanctions) of a number of idea about how populists govern and how they evolve and related topics. I think it is also applicable, although this is not mentioned, to wokism.

That can be seen as a spin ideology. For example they say they are against even tiny microaggressions, and people believe this even though they punish microags with mega aggressions. They succeed at spinning us with "diversity" and "tolerance" while being viciously intolerant of viewpoint/opinion diversity. And there are a dozen more such examples. They would die out quickly if they were not good at spin.

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In real life, freedom of speech died in the West some time ago. If you dare to say "I love J.K. Rowling" you will be "investigated". If you dare to suggest that two (and only) sexes exist, you will be kicked of Etsy and PayPal. If you dare to observe well-known facts, you will be fired. For better or worse (clearly worse), "woke" rules the West and has little use for free speech.

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