"proof of how hungry the public is for bipartisan conciliation."

Meanwhile the Jan-6 partisan clown show trial continues and the Biden Democrats and their media pals continue to divide the country on partisan party lines.

One of the first steps we would take to help improve bipartisanship in Congress is to pass term limits. We probably will need a convention of the states to get that done as the law-makers are not going to limit their own terms.

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Good argument. Also, great minds (ha) think somewhat alike. Here's my related post from yesterday: https://marktercek.substack.com/p/how-to-get-climate-policy-enacted

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Jun 27, 2022·edited Jun 27, 2022

If anyone wants a deeper dive into how bipartisan legislation can get passed, please take a look at Haley Byrd Wilt’s five part series at The Dispatch about the ban on the importation of goods made by Uyghur slave labor. That took years, and it was overwhelmingly popular with voters.

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