This paragraph fascinates me:

"Her party is still packed with hard-right personnel: one of its regional officials in Rome, Francesco Lollobrigida (who now stands to become a key figure in Meloni’s government), supported the building of a monument to war criminal Rodolfo Graziani, the man who enforced Mussolini’s policies in Libya and Ethiopia by setting up concentration camps and gassing thousands of civilians. Meloni’s attempts to moderate her party’s image are arguably too little, too late."

'too little, too late' *for whom*? Clearly not too little too late for Italian voters, much of the establishment, and swaths of Italian media this very reporting? Too little too late for the self-appointed moral gatekeepers and other elites that are the very source of populist rage in part due to this exact kind of scolding behavior? I honestly don't know.

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Sadly, this is a recurring theme of Persuasion - it's only "liberal democracy" when the Davos elite approves of the electorate's choices.

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“It was founded as a successor to the post-war movement of admirers of Benito Mussolini, meaning that for the first time since WW2, Italy will have a leader stemming from fascist roots.”

I wonder if the fascist roots should matter more than than the slaver roots of the Democratic Party?

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Best analysis I have seen of Italian election

Thanks to Persuasion for going to Corriere della sera for such a full and judicious account, and one so cosmopolitan:

Especially appreciate reference to “bread and butter Gaullism” and notion of constitution as an “exoskeleton “

Most troubling: the tri-lingual attack on Mussolini not made available in Italian

And a precarious middle class is always ominous…

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Appreciate a perspective on Italy from ... Italy :) Its hard not to be suspect on some of the instant overnight Italian experts as to what the election might mean in the near and medium term.

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Great Britain, Sweden, Italy. Getting the message you WEF globalist elites?

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