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“ It’s like an icebreaker, destroying the American political system. I don’t think Putin expected Trump to win, but I think he thought that Trump could do what he is doing now [sowing division].”

The narrative of Russians assisting the Trump election as being of any significance when the Democratic Party did more to help Trump win the 2016 election is ridiculous. We know from Wikileaks that the Democratic Party colluded with the media to increase the chance of Trump being the Republican nominee. That was much more powerful than Russian bots on Facebook.

And just because an authoritarian state like Russia is trying to bump up Trump has no bearing on whether Trump is authoritarian anymore than an authoritarian state like China trying to bump Biden would mean Biden is authoritarian. Looking at what other countries are doing with their propaganda as a means of smearing one candidate or another is just guilt by association, a logical fallacy.

“Democracy” is in no more threat today than it was 20 years ago. It’s just a chronic hysteria we hear from both parties. As for the Democratic Party’s hysteria about democracy, they have already argued in court that democracy doesn’t matter in their primary elections. Rending their shirts about stupid legal maneuvering or executive orders or anything else that Republicans have been doing no different than Democrats is just ridiculous when they abandoned democracy internally in their own party. “Democracy” only matters when it is beneficial to their power.

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