We desperately need liberals to understand that the asylum process is hopelessly broken and needs total reform. You can be sympathetic to migrants fleeing poor conditions, as I am, and still recognize that the asylum process was supposed to be narrowly focused. Now that it is being abused by millions, it has to go and be replaced with something else.

A first safe country rule is absolutely essential, along with widespread agreement that the west will share the cost of supporting legitimate refugees. When NIcarauguans are offered political asylum in El Salvador and vice versa, for instance, that will very quickly clarify who genuinely needs asylum on a persecution basis and who isn't.

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The main reason people flee Central American countries like Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador is because of the recent Natural disasters coupled with the violence instigated by drug traffickers and extreme poverty. There are over 300,000 Internally displaced people in these countries and the Biden administration spent close to a billion dollars last year in humanitarian relief in these countries including Haiti. But the question is whether this money is really reaching the people it’s intended for or to the pockets of corrupt politicians of those countries. If this money is really reaching people there, why are we still seeing people fleeing? 80% of Americans think that you cannot have open borders or accept any asylum seekers from the Sothern border and if there is another caravan before the midterms , it’s going to have a huge impact on the elections


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