This was a fantastic interview. Democrats would do very well to listen to Sarah.

A Democrat can win in 2024 if they do indeed address people's legitimate social concerns as well as tackling the economy:

-Be pro-police and tough on crime as well as opposing mass incarceration

-Call for tighter border security - and criticize businesses who hire the undocumented - as well as celebrating America's history of immigration

-Show respect for - and shake hands with - law abiding gun owners while calling for tighter gun control

-Recognize that most Americans - probably most Democrats - find progressive beliefs on trans issues weird, and that doesn't make them bigots

-Recognize that the diversity that strengthens America is a lot more complex than a simplistic division into "white" and "of color"

-Criticize the left for the speed with which they accuse people of racism, transphobia, etc.

Not only are these politically smart, they are good in themselves.

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Great conversation and insights. Thanks for clearly outlining the challenges in the current political environment.

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