Great article.

Thanks for exposing the mediated Kissinger lie.

The West’s present political leaders often suffer from being blinded by racist preconceptions when they are confronted with equally powerful players. Sometimes that racism will express as romantic hero worship of a suffering peoples saved by a strong leader, sometimes as the condemnation of suffering people oppressed by an evil leader.

Both are bullying psychological projections of a narcissistic winner must take all mentality.

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"China will probably remain the world’s number two economy for quite some time yet."

China is number one and it's not even close. This is so poor. In reality, China passed the US around 2013 and is now far ahead. If anyone doubts this, check the actual production numbers for electric power, coal, steel, concrete, Copper, Nickel, Cobalt, Aluminum, etc. China dwarfs the US in many, many areas. For example, China in 2014 produced 30 times as much cement as the US. In 2021, China produced roughly twice as much electric power as the US. Do American / European elites know this? No. A good example of how oblivious Americans are, is provided by Fareed Zakaria. He Tweeted “Will China’s economy ever overtake America’s?” His answer was no of course. In real life, China passed the US in GDP years ago. Did Fareed notice? Clearly not. I use F. Zakaria as a good example of an oblivious liberal. Of course, oblivious conservatives can be found.

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