In an interview with Don Lemon, when asked what he thought we should do to improve race relations in this country, Morgan Freeman answered "stop talking about it."

We were on the cusp of true racial harmony until the elites in academia and others in the political media chattering space determined that they needed race conflict to continue for power and money reasons. The reason that "class" is ignored, and it is really the only true topic of equality, is the inconvenient truth that it cuts across racial lines and destroys the fake political narrative of racial oppression.

The key missing conversation is the one that describes the pure evil embedded in motives of those that would continue this racial conflict narrative for their own benefit... in consideration of the fantastic harm it does to society, families and individuals.

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Just wanted to say "Thank you" for such an insightful piece. It's encouraging in the face of a relentless racial narrative to hear voices arguing for the importance of class and economic inequality as areas of concern around which working people of all races can come together. Years ago I heard a lecture by the then minister of Riverside Church in New York, the Rev. Dr. James Forbes, who said, "When class gets going in this country it will make race look like an intramural sport." Too much racial rhetoric, from the progressive as well as conservative sides, serves only to entrench class inequalities and racial division, and prevent people from finding out and acting on what they have in common. I was less encouraged to read that someone much better informed than I has connected the dots and described the timeline of what I've been thinking of as a slow-rolling Republican coup. Adolph Reed's linked "Reichstag fire" piece pulls a lot together while adding detail: recommended reading for those who haven't checked it out. A lot hangs in the balance.

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