I really wanted to like the ideas presented here. For context, I'm an old-school liberal (not woke) atheist and I think a lot about how to be a "good" person although some of my Christians friends ask why I bother since I don't believe in heaven or hell.

I found this discussion frustratingly one-sided. The professor clearly blames conservatives more than liberals for the lack of tolerance in our society, and up until a few years ago I would have agreed wholeheartedly. However, I see the lack of tolerance clearly at BOTH extremes. Persuasion "owes" its subscribers honesty and nuance, not facile tropes.

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Apr 5, 2022Β·edited Apr 5, 2022

Along with others here, I am unimpressed with the level of discussion in the podcast (I stopped after about 15 minutes, on the assumption that it was unlikely to improve).

The really, really, insanely obvious fact to which the interviewee seems studiously oblivious is that people get angry when they are reviled. Conservatives aren't anti-BLM because they feel they should do something about police brutality against blacks but don't want to; they're anti-BLM because they don't like being told that they don't want to stop police brutality against blacks. They get angry about mask-wearing because they don't like being told on-sight by strangers that they're anti-science and indifferent to the health of their grandparents.

I'm sure the guy is way smarter than this, probably way smarter than I am. He had to work hard at not seeing something so obvious.

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This guy lost my with his bad arguments about masks. The whole masks are just a minor inconvenience for the greater good thing and anyone not on board is just a bad person argument lacks any effort to understand. He’s a philosopher? Wow? Masks suck! At the beginning of the pandemic I had to wear masks while hiking in mountain parks? That was obviously crazy with what we know know. Listen I am not anti masks in all cases. But guys like this are not acknowledging that masks suck to wear and get to a point of being inhumane. They diminish human experience. He’s a bad philosopher.

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