"The argument against it is that smaller countries also have security interests. The reason we clamored to join NATO was precisely because Russia was already being threatening. So this is the hole in Mearsheimer’s argument; it’s as if only great powers existed. But there are other countries in the world, too."

You can criticize Mearsheimer for various things, but that is not a hole in his argument. Weak countries don't factor in to his analysis because he outlines power dynamics. If you don't have any, you don't factor in.

"it would be in Germany's interest to put its rearmament in a European context—European decision-making about the use of European armed forces, including the German armed forces—so as to make this German and European rearmament safe for Europe and for Germany. It's difficult to conceive of all that, because it would require more compromises on sovereignty and, some people even tell me, changes to the German constitution."

Lol. Germany should rebuild an army and then turn it over to Poland along with their sovereignty. Sounds very convenient.

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