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that was a really interesting discussion. I too question just how well this would scale as I wonder how much of the success is contingent on a local leader that has the communication and persuasion skills and personality to get broad buy in like he seems to have.

What also stood out in the discussion was what was NOT there-- specifically the banning and gaslighting of words and ideas. It was persuasion and open discussion and the acknowledgement of reality and treating people like adults as opposed to pure power politics and coercion. I very much like his positive vision and framing of how "newness" and change is not just for the migrant communities but also for existing Belgians. Its funny how that seems so obvious in retrospect but I dont think I have heard that so explicitly and well articulated.

As a leftist who has felt out in the wilderness for the past half dozen years, this was a very inspiring podcast for me.

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This is one of my absolute favorite talks via Persuasion. I remember listening to and reading about Somers when I was a politically active liberal. Big thanks for the inspiring conversation.

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