I’m glad you mentioned how much of global poverty reduction has been in China. While free trade is generally good, PNTR with China was a mistake for the US. It was mistaken to empower a rising hostile power in the expectation that it would be content to live by American rules. A weaker, poorer China would have been better for the world as a whole.

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Sep 20, 2023·edited Sep 20, 2023

The interview was interesting and Mr. Stewart was very impressive, but I was disturbed by an offhand mention in the intro where you plugged your upcoming book.

You say you worry about the rise of Trump, Netanyahu, Orban and Modi, and I, with some actual knowledge of Trump and Netanyahu, have to wonder how the latter made that list. Aside from the question of why you're concerned about "right wing populists" but not "left wing populists" (Morales, say), what exactly in the roughly twenty-five years since Netanyahu was first elected PM has convinced you that he's a "threat to democracy"? If you're just aligning yourself with the Israeli Left, I'm left to suspect that your descriptions of Orban, Modi and whomever else are equally unfounded, and whether anything you're saying that I don't already know to be true should be given any credence.

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