As far as I can tell, the House Judiciary Republicans didn't tweet in support of West's antisemitism. They tweeted beforehand in support of West, Trump and Musk and didn't take the tweet down in the wake of West's comments. This doesn't cover them in glory, but it's a far cry from the statement in this essay.

In general, making this about Republicans misses the point. To be sure, as a party they have won the race to the bottom, but there's no reason to think that Democrats have sunk less low because of some inherent sense of restraint and classic liberalism. These are problems of our current moment and the more we assign them to one side or the other the less able we are to deal with them.

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Yeah, the rot goes both ways - and I say that as a lifelong Democrat.

Have you seen the coverage of John Fetterman's debate performance? The poor man is clearly not able to serve, and it hurts to say that because I had high hopes for him.

Also, the insistence on "purity" by the Dems can be just as full of rot: The GOP voters were smart enough to reject purity politics and succeeding in locking down the SCOTUS for decades. The "pure" little Dems rejected Hillary Clinton and cost millions of women their reproductive freedom.

Talk about "rot".

Also, you may not have been around when Bill Clinton was accused of sexually exploiting a 21 year old intern over 30 years his junior, but I was there. The Dems rallied around and accused the Republicans of being "prudes".

Women's Rights? Ha!

We need to stop childishly insisting that our "side" is the "good" side.

There are no good sides.

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Walker, by his own admission, HELD A GUN TO HIS THEN-WIFE'S HEAD. That's MUCH worse than his hypocrisy on abortion or fatherhood, yet it gets much less attention. Why?

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“In 2020, Biden won voters whose top priority in terms of candidate character was “can unite the country” or “has good judgment,” and polled well even for those whose top criterion was “cares about people like me.” (Trump won those who prioritized a “strong leader.”)”

Uniting the country. Lol. There is less unity now than 2 years ago. The Democratic Party is very adept at branding itself as things that many voters appreciate but in reality delivering the opposite. Such as this substack.

It’s absolutely ridiculous so many Democrats are expressing concerns about the abuse of animals in medical research when for the past few years it turned Fauci into a saint, when he oversaw the research of substantial amounts of animal abuse in medical research, such as that of Beagles.

This article was hypocritical partisan slop. Democrats are about vote for a guy who in the last debate was asked about the time he said he was against fracking; he was quoted; and all that he could muster is “I’ve always been for fracking” and then, “I’m for fracking. Im for fracking. Im for fracking.” He forgot to add the part that applies pretty much to all politicians: “I’m for shamelessly boldly lying”.

Lol morality. The sooner people realize 99% of politicians are amoral, the better. The fact that you are trying to suggest the Party of Slavery can actually get on the moral high ground without anything like self immolation suggests you’re at the bottom with them.

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Making American Great is nihilism? America First is nihilism?

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I am sure to be blasted for these thoughts, which is a large part of the problem. I am a well off white middle age male. Yes I apologize. Marjorie Taylor Green and Trump I hold as traitors. I do not consider myself a Democrat although often I vote that way. I did vote for Biden. A big part of the reason I do not consider myself a Democrat is because I feel The Left of the party makes my group out to be the enemy of the people, because I’m a white. I have kids and I do not appreciate this about the Democratic Party as I do not want my kids to grow up with the burden of such a tag. And to be clear for all those righteous white liberals I grew up in a predominantly Mexican neighborhood with a sprinkling of African-Americans and very few whites, so spare me your self righteous ridicule, especially those who have not had the privilege of growing up with minorities or even rubbing elbows with them. I spent much of my youth in county facilities and 13 years of my adult life in prison where whites were the minority. I mentioned this last bit because I’m not silver spoon fed. I have friends on the left and I have friends on the right. My friends on the right who I can’t understand how they can vote for Trump and the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene seem to justify it because of what I touched on in regards to they don’t want to feel bad or like the enemy for being white. They also don’t like how the left is trying to strong-arm them into accepting the lefts opinion on everything. I do feel Christians and Muslims have a right to their strong beliefs that sometimes are contrary to LGBTQ beliefs and shouldn’t just be dismissed. I am not Christian or Muslim. Self righteousness is likely to be the undoing of our country.

I pray that our liberal democracy withstands it.

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Politicians with vices? What a shock! But who knew that only Republicans have such vices and that all Democrats are angels.

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Oct 28, 2022·edited Oct 28, 2022

Great article that would be made even better if there was any positive mention of the supressed number of very decent republican politicians (say, Dan Crenshaw) who certainly could use a lot more support, publicity or encouragement from both sides of the isle. The article could also have done more to steel-man the republican voters anger over what's coming out of the left, especially in light of obvious degree to which the left is doing the what leftists movements always historically have...including dividing the liberals whilst simultaenoulsy galvanising the right. I understand the argument agianst "what-aboutism" but that kind of straw-manning is a little too easy. There is a real problem going on that we all need to recognize and spotlight just in case it's not already too late.

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The way to fight the rot at the national level is to act at the local level. We should be supporting local and state candidates who are committed to protecting from the ground up the rights granted by our constitutional democratic republic.

We seem to enjoy endless discussion about national politics when it is in fact local politics that control our destiny.

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