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Is Tech Changing the World for Better? Plus, upcoming book clubs!

Is Tech Changing the World for Better or Worse?

The rise of digital technology makes it easier to take on entrenched power-holders and organize new movements (like ours!). It is also allowing prejudices and injustices to be perpetuated, and favoring the rise of extremist movements.

So what's the overall impact tech is having on the world—and what can we do to make it better? Martin Gurri and Cathy O’Neill joined us on Sunday, August 23rd, at 3:00pm Eastern Time to discuss. Watch the debate on YouTube, or watch below.

Once again, Persuasion hosted its weekly Happy Hour. Attend our future Persuasion happy hours by subscribing and join us via Zoom to meet more of our growing community! 

Watch Now: Is Biden Winning? (And, if so, why?)

On Sunday, August 16th, Matt Bennet and Sarah Longwell joined Yascha Mounk to discuss why Joe Biden is leading Donald Trump, and whether that is likely to last. If you missed it, watch it now on YouTube!

Book Clubs

  • Does Literature Have to Be Political? On August 26th and September 2nd at 9pm Eastern Time, Darin Strauss hosted a series of two book clubs on this important question. In the first session, he discussed essays on the topic by authors ranging from George Orwell to Milan Kundera. In the second session, he discussed his new and proudly apolitical book, The Queen of Tuesday: A Lucille Ball Story.

In Case You Missed It…

  • Read Jonathan Rauch’s newest piece on The Cancel Culture Checklist: Six signs that show you're not being criticized; you're being canceled. Read here.

  • Read Irshad Manji on Hating the “Hateful”: Why those who care about diversity must become truly inclusive to make real progress. Read here.

  • And listen to our latest podcast: Is It Time to Abandon Meritocracy? Michael Sandel joins Yascha Mounk to discuss. (And if you have not yet signed up for our podcast, please do so now by following this link.)

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