We accomplished civil rights 1.0 and were progressing to the MLK dream. But the attainment of version 2.0 was a threat to the power and money-making enterprises that have always relied on group conflict. It was also a threat to Democrats having the minority communities finally understand that it has been the decades of failed liberal globalist policies that have destroyed their path to the middle class, and not racism. Think about that... if black and Hispanic voters finally understood that the handout party was keeping them dependent and in sub-class existence, the Democrat party would be over. And the Asian story only accelerated the Democrat's urgency to something to stop this. The anti-racist, CRT, DEI stuff is just well-planned liberal Democrat desperation to hold onto power. Think of all the money that flows to education, non-profits, etc. This explains it all.

When asked by Don Lemon what he thought we should do to improve race relations in this country, Morgan Freeman responded: "Stop talking about it... stop calling me and you a black man."

This is what civil rights 2.0 was supposed to look like. A complete race and gender-neutral meritocracy.

I laugh when I read the woke/BLM demands to reject almost everything proven to lead to a prosperous life as "racist white male" identity. Objective vs emotional. Being on time. Planning and goal-setting. Dress for success. Marriage and family.

Frankly, anyone that buys this crap is quite twisted. Unfortunately many do.

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Bravo!! Finally a cogent and real path to follow. I felt browbeat by "guilty" white liberals to read, absorb and unquestionably follow her White Fragility line of argument....I just couldn't get my mind around the idea that because I am white and also male, I am racist and I am evil...I am imperfect for sure, but really don't judge by skin color (I really don't care) but more by character, I think "soft racism" approach is fundamentally disrespectful and harms the effort...It was so refreshing to read your essay...much more hopeful and a clearer path to a better place...thank-you

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A very Persuasion (and/or The Good Fight) piece. Plenty to agree with, plenty to disagree with, plenty to get you thinking.

Here's the point I want to make: the reason that the limbic system is so quick to perceive threat is that it evolved in response to a very threatening world To act like that's a flaw in *us* (because God/nature/whatever is too sacred to be blamed--that's just wrong.

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