Liberty can survive intense disagreement. But it cannot survive pure hate.
David French
America is supposedly about to become "majority minority." It won't happen.
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Beatrice Frum
How to Persuade Your "Enemy"The Good Fight | Irshad Manji talks to Yascha Mounk about why we should not judge those who disagree with us.
Yascha Mounk
So let’s stop infantilizing women and demonizing men
Kat Rosenfield
Making excuses for war crimes has a long and ugly history on the far left.
Jasmin Mujanovic
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Beatrice Frum
There's a way to punish the guilty without sacrificing the rights of the accused.
KC Johnson
And other questions for Persuasion's Advice Columnist.
Kat Rosenfield
Two prominent Black leftists warn that simplistic views about “white supremacy” will undermine the fight for social justice.
Rogers Brubaker
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Beatrice Frum
Naturalized citizens should be allowed to run for President.
Zaid Jilani