We need to get racial politics out of the equation before it's too late.
Would You Wave the Magic Wand?Yascha Mounk and Mark Lynas discuss tribalism in the environmentalist movement and how to effectively argue for real solutions.
Yascha Mounk
If you are fully vaccinated, the time to resume normal life is now.
Yascha Mounk
Demanding ideological purity among those who stand up to Trump is not a viable way to protect American democracy.
Shay Khatiri
The U.S. government badly needs a National Democracy Strategy.
Michael Abramowitz and Alex Thier
How Marine might win the French presidency next year and why that would be a disaster.
Arthur Goldhammer
This Thursday: Niall Ferguson joins us to discuss his new book, Doom.
Persuasion Staff
Government aid should be based on need, not skin color.
Zaid Jilani
The Case For a Liberal IslamYascha Mounk and Mustafa Akyol discuss the history of liberalism in Islam and why we should be hopeful about Islam’s future. 
Yascha Mounk
Its new routing algorithm, designed to reduce carbon emissions, is not the way to stop climate change.
Alex Trembath
To build a truly antiracist society, we need to listen to all black voices, not just those deemed "authentic."
Erec Smith
Next Week: Book Club with Niall Ferguson! Also, what Chloé Zhao's Oscar win means for filmmaking and the Persuasion team on Biden's first 99 days.
Persuasion Staff