Year after year, repressive regimes keep curtailing freedom. 2020 brought a new low.
Anne Bagamery
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Persuasion Staff
Here are four lesser-known dissidents around the world who deserve your attention. How do they find the courage?
Andrew Stroehlein
The Weaponization of NostalgiaTrump's presidency, Brexit, and the mishandling of a global pandemic have made Douglas Alexander deeply concerned about the "powerful weaponization of …
Yascha Mounk
The beguiling façade of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez hides an authoritarian bent
Maite Rico
La fachada terciopelada del Presidente del Gobierno de España, Pedro Sánchez, encubre su carácter autoritario
Maite Rico
Activists must stop equating what they dislike to physical brutality. An opinion is never a punch in the face.
Nathaniel Rachman
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Persuasion Staff
Great thinkers of the past are today dismissed for bigotry. But their lesson was to cherish wisdom, not to elevate “whiteness.”
Ian Buruma
How To Understand Your EnemyWe like to think the right argument could persuade our friend or uncle of our point of view. But what if our personality helps to determine how we see …
Yascha Mounk
There are far better ways to help the needy
Zaid Jilani
The right says political intolerance isn't new. Now that it afflicts the left too, we need unity among all who value liberalism.
Robert Tracinski