Adding seats to the Supreme Court would increase polarization and reduce trust in the rule of law.
Tom Ginsburg
Starting soon: Kara Swisher, Clay Shirky, and Yascha Mounk discuss social media, speech, and tech.
Persuasion Staff
Redressing injustice and rebuilding community will force us all to acknowledge our shortcomings. But we have to get started.
John Wood, Jr.
The Dangers of Bad Science and Simple SolutionsYascha Mounk and Jesse Singal discuss the reproducibility crisis in social science and how to differentiate real solutions from illusory quick fixes. 
Yascha Mounk
After 20 years of war, we're in a hurry to leave. But there is still time to do it right, logistically and morally.
Michael Walzer
The problem with "standpoint epistemology."
David Bernstein
Book talk tomorrow! And a new event on tech and regulation with Kara Swisher and Clay Shirky.
Persuasion Staff
We need to focus on cutting emissions, not on changing politics, and keep an open mind about solutions.
Zion Lights
When Foreign Aid Fails William Easterly on why foreign aid often does as much harm as good.
Yascha Mounk
Angela Merkel put commercial interests over liberal democratic values. Whoever succeeds her is likely to follow suit.
James Angelos
As a teen, she transitioned to male but came to regret it. Here’s how it felt to enter history in the trans debate.
Keira Bell
Sheri Berman on the rules of democracy, Andrew Stroehlein on forgotten tyrants, and Ian Dunt on Britain's creeping illiberalism.
Persuasion Staff