Promises made, kept, and broken.
We must remember the individuals who safeguarded the democratic process… and shore up our defenses ahead of 2024.
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Suspending the filibuster poses real risks for our democracy. Leaving it untouched may be even worse.
The Conservative Case for Philosophical Liberalism🎧 | Harvey Mansfield and Yascha Mounk discuss the state of American conservatism
It’s not just a right-wing phenomenon. Thinkers on the left, beware.
A new legal aid project is helping election officials whose lives have been upturned by accusations of fraud.
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David Hume’s "Essays" have been forgotten. But their insights and blindspots still have much to teach us.
Fiona Hill on the Working Class, Populism, and Russia🎧 | Fiona Hill and Yascha Mounk discuss growing up in the north of England and the insight it offers to contemporary politics.
Stop deciding which patients can get access to Covid medicine based on the color of their skin.
Voting rights legislation is admirable. But to protect the integrity of elections, we must first ensure partisans can’t overrule the results.