Is this The New York Times? “Militants”? Really?

Yascha, you know better.

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People suck, especially young people in their idealistic entitled bubble, with a ubiquitous inability to grasp reality of human evil and get sucked into a mythological narrative of fanciful being that ultimately dooms them to harm from evil. Remember that the Israeli military and intelligence agencies are staffed with new young people in positions of authority. They are a generation removed from the experience of real evil, and more concerned about their next party and Instagram followers.

They are so woke I doubt they even learned from this terrible day. After all, most of them did not get harmed or killed.

Bad times create strong men that create good times that create weak men that create bad times. The weak men have risen during our times of peace and prosperity and bad times have returned again. Let's hope we have enough strong men left to fix the bad. Clearly Netanyahu and Biden are of the weak.

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Personally, I don't share your disdain for Netanyahu, but I think the best thing for him to do would be to step down after the war. That's from a combination of the catastrophe happening on his watch, whether or not he did anything wrong, and the fact that it could smooth the path forward.

But if this has been in the works for a year (and I've read elsewhere two years), then it predates this government and overlaps both with it and with the Bennet/Lapid coalition.

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