The greatest threat to American democracy comes from the right. But the left must reckon with its own radicalization.
A professor recalls the anguish of a false accusation
David Peterson
Happy Thanksgiving!
Beatrice Frum
Part One: Trump ripped through the GOP. Here's what comes next.
Geoffrey Kabaservice
And other questions for Persuasion's advice columnist
Kat Rosenfield
Is French Secularism the Reason for Those Terrorist Attacks? (No.)Listen now | Caroline Fourest and Yascha Mounk debate the best way for demoracies to deal with religious difference.
Yascha Mounk
We cannot allow identity politics to stifle great filmmaking
Nadia Gill
His refusal to concede is more than sour grapes. It's an information-warfare tactic to leave the public bewildered and cynical.
Jonathan Rauch
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