Activists on both the left and the right must stop flirting with authoritarianism.
Garry Kasparov on Resisting Authoritarianism🎧 | Garry Kasparov and Yascha Mounk discuss the Soviet Union, the rise of Vladimir Putin, and threats to freedom in today's America
The feminist movement must be inclusive and universalist.
Michael Powell on Race, Class, and Free Speech🎧 | Michael Powell and Yascha Mounk discuss the cultural transformation of America's elite institutions.
Rittenhouse was no hero. But the failure of the media helps explain why so many people expected him to be convicted.
"The Dawn of Everything" has been hailed as a masterpiece. But a careful reading of its look at the Enlightenment exposes concerning mistakes.
It’s a bad idea to redefine the word to refer to anything that doesn’t reduce racial disparities.
Éric Zemmour has electrified France's presidential election. His rise is a disaster for liberalism.
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